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Why Evergreen Media Productions?

Your story is our priority.

With more than 15 years of experience, our team has honed our craft of producing high quality media — while creating the best possible client experience.

Meet the Owners

Johnathan and Timothy Schutz have a passion for helping others tell powerful stories.

From the earliest years, Johnathan would come up with crazy ideas and Timothy would come up with crazier ones to capture them. Springboarding from their experience making backyard short films, they moved into serving their church and local ministries in their high school years. On these media teams, they discovered how much they enjoyed telling stories for ministries and businesses. As they worked more in the narrative space, they realized the need for cinematic promotional work for organizations. Most clients they talked to hadn’t ever considered utilizing story-driven content to connect with their audiences.

So, in 2016, Johnathan and Timothy started Evergreen Media Productions with the purpose of creating powerful content that connects clients with their audiences and leaves a lasting impression. Since their start, they’ve worked with numerous film industry veterans and have gained the knowledge, experience, and connections to create high-quality media.

Enough about our story—let’s tell yours!

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Co-Owner Johnathan Schutz

Johnathan Schutz

Creative Producer

As a kid, Johnathan recognized the power of visual media and couldn’t wait to create impactful stories. Now, with his drive for excellence, mind for logistics, and passion for creative storytelling, Johnathan loves helping people bring their craziest ideas to life. When he isn’t on a shoot or planning one, you can find him enjoying fresh coffee or a favorite audiobook.

Co-Owner Timothy Schutz

Timothy Schutz

Technical Director

Timothy has had an eye for strong images for as long as any of us can remember. From the first moment a digital camera was placed in his hands, we knew that a creative force had been unleashed. When you see what he captures for your project, we're pretty sure you'll agree.

Creative Producer William Willer

William Willer

Creative Producer

William brings his passion for storytelling and excellence to everything he does. A writer at heart and by trade, Will loves to dig deep and bring out stories in a way that gives greater meaning to our clients’ services and products. Along with his skills as a media creator, he enjoys shredding it up on his many guitars.

Co-Owner Jane Doe

Morgan Schutz

Artistic Director

Between her love for making things beautiful and talent for finding a story, Morgan’s skills as a Graphic Designer and Production Designer have served her (and others!) well. She’s equally down to build a brand or design a set, and can’t wait to make your project look its best. 

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